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Welcome to our Homepage...

Izatt Artistic Team is owned by and founded on the beauty and skincare principles learnt and perfected by Izad Shariff during his more than 20 years in the business together with his college, Nasha and Tona with their Arthistic Team.

Beauty care is meant to give you a zest for life, not to discourage you
The individual consumer may find the beauty and skincare market overwhelming. The promises are great and many but often it is not easy to grasp the real effect of a certain product. Therefore you are easily discouraged when having to find your way through a jungle of products. At Izatt Artistic Team we offer you a thorough guidance on the products right for just your skin type. Skincare is not meant to be a daily struggle with an endless range of products; the very purpose and focus of skincare is to pinpoint and solve exactly the problems you are struggling with.

Make-up is not meant to make you another person but to help others see who you are Applying make-up does not come naturally to everybody. As other things in life, you must learn how to apply the right make-up. Applying make-up is not about hiding who you are or make you another person. Applying make-up is about making your feminine features your strength and helping others to obtain the best possible firsthand impression of you.

At Izatt Artistic Team we help you find the right colours and apply a make-up which complements your features. We offer you a thorough guidance in the use of products, and we invite you to a follow-up consultation giving you the opportunity to apply a make-up at home and subsequently receive advice on any improvements.

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